The Globe of Death

Presenting the most dangerous act in the world today. "The Motorcycle Globe of Death"! Riding at speeds of up to 60mph, Garcia Bros. Circus presents motorcycle thrill riders inside a 14ft diameter metallic sphere. From criss-crossing, to the dangerous loop the loops, these daredevils will amaze crowds of all ages!

Human Cannon Ball
The cannon may be presented inside of the big top circus tent, or in our outdoor stage show.

The Mighty King of the Jungle
The 8th Wonder of the World
The Garcia family present their own creation/version of Beauty Meets the Beast. The Beast, meaning a 40 foot robotic gorilla that has capabilities of walking up to the circus ring and befriends a beautiful young girl. Their friendship does not last long, for unfortunately the evil doers do not see this gentle giant in the loving way that she does. To the viewers delight, this king of the jungle fights through an incredible adventure seen right before their eyes and lives forever through the loving strenght of his new found friend.


Hula Hoop

Magic Act
Adding a touch of illusion to the magical circus atmosphere.

Midevil archery at its finest featuring an amazing shot to the apple on top of her head.

Wheel of Destiny
Rated one of the most dangerous acts in circus history. Presented by one of the garcia brothers.